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This area of the site is for developers looking to build or use apps that utilize the 1MB platform.

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If you subscribe to one of these plans we will throw in a free subdomain token which can be used to buy one of our new subdomains.

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Host 1 Site

No Custom Domains

1 MB Storage (Host Up To 100 Files)

1,000 Monthly Website Visits

Adventurer ($9 a month)

Host 5 Sites

Custom Domains and SSL

Host 10,000 Files

20,000 Monthly Website Visits

Premium ($19 a month)

Host 20 Sites

Custom Domains and SSL

Host 50,000 Files

100,000 Monthly Website Visits

Professional ($49 a month)

Host 50 Sites

Custom Domains and SSL

Host 100,000 Files

1,000,000 Monthly Website Visits

Lifetime Adventurer ($100 one-time payment)

Host 25 Sites

Custom Domains and SSL

Host 10,000 Files

20,000 Monthly Website Visits

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Instant Apps

If you install an app it will overwrite all of your site data.


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Subdomain Tokens: (1 token registers 1 subdomain for 1 year, or adds 1 year to an existing subdomain's registration) Purchase 1 subdomain token for $5

We support these subdomains: o1.to, maker.to, appy.to, and view.cx. Here is a few example subdomains you could try entering below: .o1.to, coolsite.appy.to, .maker.to, anything as long as it's available.

This registration is for 1 year. Make sure you add more subdomain tokens before your expiration date so we can automatically renew it.

Subdomains (Beta)

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Before submitting the form below please make sure your domain's DNS is pointing at cname.1mb.site using a CNAME record, or pointing at using an A record. If using Cloudflare disable it for all associated DNS records (make the orange cloud grey). Keep in mind that you can submit subdomains if you want, but not www subdomains - in that case submit your naked domain and we'll setup a www alias for you automatically (make sure you have a DNS record for www too).

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API Keys

Remember that you should only share your API key with trusted applications. Your API key gives you (or somebody with bad intentions) full control of your site.


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Deploy via Email

You can deploy to your site by emailing deploy__5d05c7849039dff0a9f117a399d598cf@1mb.site

Make the subject the name of the file (for example index.html or style.css). The content of the email is the code you want to deploy.

Click here to get the deploy emails for all of your sites.


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